Notice on information constituting trade secret

This letter is sent by the employee of Joint-Stock Company AIG Insurance Company (AIG JSC): OGRN: 1047796329250, TIN: 7710541631, address: 125315, Moscow, Leningradsky prospekt, 72, building 3, 11th floor, office XVIII, room 1, registered and acting under the laws of the Russian Federation (hereinafter “AIG, JSC”).

The information contained in this letter (including any contents and attachments) is intended to be transferred exclusively to the addressee, is confidential, namely, it contains information constituting a trade secret of AIG, JSC.

The relevant information may be used only on the basis of an agreement concluded with AIG, JSC and exclusively for the purposes provided for by the parties to such an agreement, and on the grounds established by the applicable laws. You must not use this information (or its part) for any purposes except for fulfillment of obligations under an agreement with AIG, JSC and other purposes named in such an agreement or applicable legislation. You must not disclose (discuss, provide copies, publish, make public and divulge in any other form) such information. You should use necessary lawful means of information protection and undertake the necessary organizational, technical and other measures required in order to prevent its disclosure to any third parties.

Receipt of this mail does not constitute AIG, JSC’s or any third party’s waiver of any regime established with relation to confidential information, and AIG, JSC’s waiver of any rights to confidential information contained in this mail, including contents and attachments.

Liability warning

If you have received this mail in error, we kindly ask you to notify AIG, JSC of this fact in any convenient way. You are also asked to delete the contents and refrain from disclosing and using information contained herein.

In accordance with paragraph 5 of part 2 of Article 6.1 of the Federal Law of July 29, 2004 No. 98-FZ “On Trade Secret”, the holder of information constituting trade secret is entitled to require persons who gained access to information constituting trade secret as a result of actions committed by accident or through mistake, to protect the confidentiality of thereof.

Violation of the relevant AIG, JSC and third parties’ rights and may constitute grounds for bringing to criminal, administrative, civil or other legal liability.