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The Importance of AIG + RUGBY

AIG knows how important teamwork is to success. As an organization that operates in over 100 countries and jurisdictions around the world, AIG‘s employees rely on each other’s passion, skills, and support to overcome obstacles and get the job done.

Partnership enabled us to defy all odds and emerge successful out of our own troubled times. And now, as AIG enters a new era focused on global unity, we are partnering with a sport that places equal importance on playing for a team.

AIG’s new sponsorship is more than just a statement about our company, it’s a commitment to a tremendous global sport. We didn’t take our search for a new team to sponsor lightly – we wanted to make sure we chose a sport whose values were aligned with our own. Rugby is about passion, and AIG knows all about passion. Rugby players and fans believe deeply in the sport and its ceremony. Their passion is bigger than any single game or team, and unites rugby fans around the world. The same way rugby fans stand by the sport and their teams no matter what, we stand by our clients when times get rough.

We are also proud to become part of rugby’s global growth. As diverse as the rugby world is, so too are the employees and customers that we serve each and every day. While the sport continues to grow in popularity, attracting fans and players of all ages, genders, races, backgrounds, and ideologies, and inspiring an incredibly diverse set of communities; AIG serves a uniquely broad group of individual and commercial clients. We are confident that the deeply ingrained spirit we hold in common has the power to unify us all.

AIG and rugby stand for teamwork. We know that success doesn’t always come easily, but it’s easier to achieve when everyone works together.

Мы гордимся тем, что вносим вклад в мировое развитие регби. Мир регби также разнообразен, как и наши сотрудники и клиенты, которых мы обслуживаем каждый день. В то время как этот вид спорта становится более популярным, привлекая фанатов и игроков любого возраста, пола, этнической принадлежности, происхождения и веры, и вдохновляет разнообразные слои общества, компания AIG обслуживает невероятно широкий круг физических и юридических лиц. Мы верим, что тот дух, который присущ нам, сможет всех нас объединить.

Командная работа лежит в основе работы в AIG и у игроков регби. Мы знаем, что добиться успеха не всегда просто, но все же проще его добиться, когда работаешь в команде.