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Since 14 March, 2017 AIG, CJSC renamed to AIG, JSC. Full legal name is AIG Insurance Company, JSC and short name is AIG, JSC.


Since 16 February, 2017 all operational processes with St. Petersburg partners & clients are provided from the central AIG office in Moscow.


CTPL license revoke

The Bank of Russia, Order # OD - 2327 of 07.21.2016, revoked the license to conduct compulsory third party liability insurance of motor vehicle owners of AIG, CJSC. This decision was made in connection with a voluntary waiver of the Subject of insurance business (AIG, CJSC) from conducting the activities under the license, and shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the "Bulletin of the Bank of Russia", i.e. July 22, 2016.

We offer variety of products and services for businesses


Insurance that responds to damages to a company’s physical assets.

Construction & Erection All Risk Insurance

Both in Russia and worldwide, AIG boasts its leadership on construction and erection insurance markets, being a globally reputed company always willing and ready to offer it clients tailor-made insurance programs to fit into construction projects of any complexity.

Compulsory Liability Insurance of Owners of Hazardous Facilities

AIG as a member of the National Union of Liability Insurance offers Hazardous Objects Insurance.

Coverage of goods in transit (goods-in-transit insurance)

Cargo insurance from destination to destination incorporating clauses developed by the London Institute of Insurers as well as additional clauses addressing the needs and interests of each client.

Clients Support Center

Actions that should be done in case of  insurance event.


Broad selection of general and excess casualty coverages address both traditional and hard-to-place risks.

Cyber Risks Insurance

AIG company developed an innovative package Cyber Risks - insurance program cyber risks - to protect against the effects of significant leaks or unauthorized use of data.

Director's & Officer's Liability

AIG is the D&O market leader in Russia, having unrivalled experience in this field.


Broad selection of insurance programs for banks.

Loss Control Services

AIG risk-engineers perform a risk assessment and recommend solutions to reduce negative impacts.