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AIG works actively with retail store chains. The company has developed an insurance program for major players in the retail market as well as small store chains of various types believes that the insurance products most relevant to retailers are:

  • Liability insurance for shops in relation to lessors and visitors 

  • Property insurance, insurance of shopping area equipment and goods 

  • Employee accident insurance

AIG has developed special insurance programs for hypermarket chains and similar retailers. Insurance coverage is provided throughout the Russian Federation. The distinctive feature of the program is a system of insurance claim settlement created for retailers at the national level that takes into account all the peculiarities of insurance claim events that are typical in retail.

AIG also works with chains of small shops selling various kinds of products (pharmacies, clothing stores, household goods, toys, etc.). Given that, as a rule, these shops are located on leased land, AIG’s insurance programs take into account the requirements that some landlords establish in terms of tenants’ liability and property insurance.