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AIG International Programs

Multinational insurance is a highly specialised field that requires the precise organisation of many components, such as insurance coverage, claims settlement and regulatory compliance. AIG's international clients can count on a high level of service and know-how, extensive experience and access to best practices.

Benefits of AIG Insurance Programs for Multinational Clients

1. Our Multinational DNA

We stand ready to serve our global clients no matter where they are, both today and in the future. Unified processes, standards for issuing insurance policies, the unambiguity of terms and conditions, compliance with regulatory requirements and settlement of claims are carefully monitored and followed in that part of the world where our multinational clients are located.

2. Improving Risk and Strengthening Clients' Processes

With our help, you will be able to convert the global opportunities in many business sectors through the use of a wide range of insurance products anywhere in the world.

3. AIG's Global Network Provides the Ability to Meet the Local Clients’ Needs in Over 200 Countries and Jurisdictions

We can be flexible and close, while clients drive their expansion into new territories through organic growth or asset acquisitions.

4. High-Quality Settlement of International Losses

Our claims settlement team has 9,000 employees. AIG's claims settlement experts are located close to clients and can be brought in within hours of being notified of an insured event. They are guaranteed to provide uninterrupted customer service around the world.

5. Classic and New Solutions for Risk Management

You get access to a wide range of products and their combinations, as well as risk-taking opportunities and capacities within the framework of classic, new, and alternative risk management solutions around the world for multinational companies of different sizes, from different industries, with different risk strategies in different countries of the world. This can be a simulation of catastrophic events, engineering services to mitigate losses, online services, cyber risk control, and other services.




Today, AIG employs more than 500 multinational business experts around the world who are entirely focused on the international insurance programs and risk management of transnational corporations. They work closely with our international claims settlement experts, analysts, risk engineers and underwriters under all AIG products and services.

The task of these teams is to provide individual, comprehensive solutions following the legislation of the countries where clients are located.

Cooperation of multinational companies with AIG is an investment in the future. Global insurance programs involve long-term partnerships, and risk managers are well aware of the speed at which international risks can change and evolve. AIG invests in research and development, and introduces new technologies to help clients stay ahead of the curve of emerging and future risks.