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Damage to Machinery Coverage

Product Description

The need for machinery and equipment insurance stems from the need to effectively protect expensive machinery, mechanical equipment and installations. Even high-quality, well-maintained industrial machinery and equipment are subject to breakdowns and accidents.  

Insurance claim events can arise from unforeseen and sudden damage or total loss as a result of: 

  • Power overload, overheating, vibration, maladjustment 
  • Jamming, blockage by foreign objects, the effect of centrifugal force, material stress 
  • Effect of electricity in the form of short-circuits, power overload or voltage drop 
  • Human error during operation and maintenance 
  • Explosions of steam boilers, internal combustion engines, etc. 
  • Effect of low temperatures 
  • Breakage of ropes or chains, falling, collisions with other things 
  • Errors in design, construction or calculations 
  • Errors in manufacture and installation 
  • Defects in casting or material used 

A policy may cover any machine, apparatus, mechanical equipment or installation. However, it usually covers:

  • All machinery on a single production line or at a single site 
  • All machinery in a confined space 

Before being insured, machinery must be tested and found operable and compliant with technical norms. 

Such insurance does not cover items or parts that are subject to depreciation and amortization to a high degree, are subject to periodic replacement, or whose service life is considerably lower than the machine or equipment with which they are associated due to their operation and/or the nature of the material used in them.   

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