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How to Control losses?

Fire, explosion and other perils such as water damage, windstorm and earthquake can cause serious property damage. These events pose a threat to structures, equipment, business continuity, and, most importantly, the lives of employees and the general public. Property site inspections by insurers are routinely conducted as part of insurance programs. At AIG we believe in going beyond basic site surveys to ensure that we add value for our clients by helping you to reduce your exposures before they interrupt your business and damage your assets. Our engineers are located around the world with knowledge of global best practice and local standards. 

Global Energy Property

AIG Energy engineers average 25 years direct experience in disciplines such as chemical, petroleum, power generation and process industries engineering. AIG loss control engineers are skilled in identifying hazards unique to energy and energy-related operations. Situated locally around the world working as a global team, AIG engineers perform comprehensive risk evaluations and recommend solutions that combine cutting edge thinking and common sense practicality to mitigate exposures. 

Cargo Insurance - AIG Marine Services

Services are what distinguish AIG from our global competitors. These services are provided to our clients through a dedicated team of Loss Control Professionals strategically located to assure delivery of quality Value Added services. All services are coordinated through our Regional Loss Control and delivered by our global team. This approach assures the delivery of high quality services by qualified professional surveyors under our direction and supervision. Due to the volume of business and geographic areas covered, we also utilize a large network of qualified, independent marine surveyors worldwide with expertise in various areas of the maritime industry. Our in-house Loss Control Professionals coordinate the efforts of these experts at several opportunity points to assure our clients of quality control.