Corporate Culture

About AIG Corporate Culture

AIG corporate culture envisages commonality of targets and values of the personnel and the Company. AIG corporate culture values devotion, responsibility for all actions and creates the basis for stability.

We aim to be the provider of choice for insurance solutions and superior customer service in every corner of the world. As we do so, we follow a set of cultural principles that shape how we act both individually and together.

The Company basic values


We create the future by working together and with our clients in an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

World citizenship

We embrace diversity and foster a culture that promotes teamwork and inclusion to pursue a common good.

Confident and Open

We meet client and stakeholder needs with confidence because we’re driven by a long history of industry leadership and expertise. We work transparently and in true partnership with our clients and stakeholders, listening carefully to deliver on our commitment to helping them achieve their greatest possibilities.


We encourage change, always pursuing promising opportunities for clients, our partners and ourselves.


At the heart of everything we do is an unshakable commitment to honesty, fairness and respect.

These are only some features describing the culture of relations, cooperation in AIG according to the mass media, competitors and the people working for the Company.

Professionalism, responsibility, loyalty and zeal of the personnel help to support AIG corporate culture in Russia promoting achievement of the Company’s mission and implementation of its strategy and plans.