Personnel Training and Development

Opportunities provided by AIG for professional development and career are unlimited. Both vertical and horizontal career from one department to another are possible in the Company.

Having joined the team the employee may work on large number of interesting local and international projects. Well-organized management structure and corporate culture in AIG help perfectly to active the set work and personal targets.

The majority of key areas in the Company are headed now by the employees who have grown inside the Company. AIG provides a special system of development of key personnel, development of their professional and managerial potential. One of the Company’s latest initiatives in this area is the Talent Management Program which involves the most promising and successful employees in European countries.

AIG HQ designs and implements in-house training where «AIG», CJSC personnel are also involved. Special training seminars and meetings are organized annually, where specialists from various countries share experience and inform about new methods of work.

The system of the Annual Performance Appraisal helps greatly in determination of the potential and direction of professional growth. This system includes not only the analysis of the personnel operations but is an extremely important tool to determine the area of professional development of training inside the Company.

Under the Annual Performance Appraisal, where the targets and tasks for the next period are formed, the personnel training and development plan is made and implemented. Thus, working in the Company the employees have a chance to undergo complex training program for development of business, professional and personal skills and competencies with external training centers. Besides, the Company’s personnel participate in various in-house trainings and seminars which are designed and held by the personnel from various departments. In particular, young specialists are trained at work adopting experience of the senior colleagues.