Insured events in

Settlement of insured events according to insurance agreements of legal entities is carried out in accordance with the rules of insurance. Only those events provided for in the rules of insurance are insurable.  

Regardless of the event that occurred, it is necessary: 

  1. To notify AIG about the event that took place no more than 24 hours after the moment it happened. For this it is necessary to fill out an accident report form and send it to AIG’s claims division, (it is mandatory to indicate your telephone number and e-mail address), by electronic mail to or by express mail to one of the following address:

    JSC AIG, Building 2, 72 Leningradsky Prospect,  Alcon Business Centre, Moscow, 125315, Russia
    Telephones: +8 (800) 700 8950, +7 (495) 935 8950

    The best option is to provide information in advance by telephone (during working hours) followed by sending a written notice at the first opportunity.

  2. Wait for further directions from AIG's claims division.

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