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The checklist: Actions in the event qualifying the insured for CASCO (Motor Own Damage - MOD) Coverage:

1) Immediately notify the relevant competent authorities:

  • In the event of a motor vehicle accident – notify the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (mobile Beeline: 911/002; MTS: 112; Megafon: 112)
  • Notify the nearest District Department of Internal Affairs if the insured vehicle has been damaged through wrongful acts of third parties, or parts of the insured vehicle were stolen, or if the damage was caused through acts of nature (phone: 112 for emergency situations)
  • Notify the Fire Department in the event of fire (mobile Beeline: 001; MTS: 010; Megafon: 010)

This requirement is not mandatory where damage was caused to vehicle windows, external indicator lights or in other situations agreed upon with the insurer. 

2) Notify AIG, either verbally or in writing, about the damage to the insured vehicle within five (5) business days immediately after the insured, its representative or the person with authorized access to the learns about the insured event); contact the round-the-clock dispatcher service by calling  8(495)935 8985 or 8(800)700 8037 (toll-free in Russia)

  • The list of documents required for making a claim for CASCO (Motor Own Damage – MOD) coverage:
  • Insurance contract (policy) and document evidencing that the scheduled payment of premium was made (receipt or check) 
  • Power of attorney authorizing the insurance company (the legal entity and representative of the Insurer) to handle the case 
  • Vehicle registration certificate 
  • Power of attorney for the insured’s right to drive the vehicle or the trip ticket (if applicable) 
  • Driver’s license of the person who was driving the vehicle at the moment of the motor vehicle accident 
  • Request for payment, including full banking details if seeking payment via wire transfer 
  • Completed notification form, describing all details known to the insured, its representative or person with authorized access to the vehicle 
  • Counterparts of the documents certified by competent authorities and evidencing the fact of the occurrence and its effects, including details of the accident; the documents must be sealed and / or stamped.

Contact details: 
Phone: 8(495)935 8985, 8(800)700 8037 (toll-free in Russia)


8(495)935 8985
8(800)700 8037
 (toll-free in Russia)