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The actions of our insured upon the occurrence of the event, which has all the characteristics of the insured event direct damages (SSP)

According to Federal Law No. 40-FZ on compulsory motor third party liability insurance (CMTPL), if you are involved in an accident, but are not responsible for the accident (the damage was caused to you due to the fault of another person), you can seek compensation for damage directly from AIG  

CMTPL policy wording establishes a list of mandatory conditions for direct payouts

  1. The accident resulted only in property damage 
  2. The accident involved two vehicles and the owners have CMTPL insurance in accordance with the federal law “On CMTPL Insurance). 

Based on the CMTPL Rules, AIG may compensate for the damages on behalf of the guilty party’s insurer. Therefore, to compensate for the damages suffered in an accident, AIG must receive confirmation from the guilty party’s insurance company that the guilty party has CMTPL insurance and his insurer agrees to pay compensation. If the guilty party’s insurer does not confirm this information, AIG will not have a legal basis for paying compensation and will be forced to deny the claim.

If you wish to file a claim with AIG, you must call:   
8 (800) 700 8037 (toll-free in Russia);   
8 (495) 935 8985   
CMTPL claim filing addresses in Moscow:   
Building 2, 72 Leningradsky Prospect, 3rd Floor, Alcon Business Centre, Moscow, 125315, Russia   

Set of documents needed to file a direct claim or Yevroprotokol (European-style claim for minor damages)

IMPORTANT! In addition, please note that the introduction of the right to settle claims does not preclude your right to seek redress against the guilty party’s insurer. 

CMTPL payouts  
If you wish to exercise your right to a payout, you must immediately fill out a claim form and present it to the insurer.

Damage to property / vehicle

Documents to be submitted as part of your CMTPL insurance claim

  • Victim’s statement
  • Accident report (Form 154) issued by the police. The report must have the traffic police’s stamp in the corner, along with the signature of the authorized official who issued the report 
  • Copies of the police report and the police decision, or a copy of the determination of an administrative offense 
  • Notice of traffic accident (NOTE: A completed notice can only be submitted by the victim, provided that it is not a Yevroprotokol, but rather a Form 154) 
  • A copy of the power of attorney to drive / trip sheet  
  • Copies of documents proving ownership of the damaged property (certificate of vehicle registration, vehicle passport) 
  • A copy of your driver’s license 
  • A copy of the CMTPL policy 
  • An identity document (passport) (required if someone other than the owner was driving the vehicle when the accident occurred)
  • A copy of a power of attorney with the right to receive insurance compensation (if the damaged property does not belong to the person involved in the accident)

If someone other than the owner files the claim:

You must also submit a copy of a power of attorney to represent the owner in dealings with the insurance company. If you are representing yourself, it must be notarized. If you are representing a legal entity, it must be legalized by the head of the company or organization, or someone authorized by him or her.

If the vehicle is leased, you must submit a copy of the lease agreement.


8(495)935 8985
8(800)700 8037 (toll-free in Russia)