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Insured event in

Settlement of insured events according to the insurance agreements “Noble Nest”, “HomeGuard”, “My Castle” and “Good Neighbours” is carried out in accordance with the complex rules of property insurance and civil liability of the physical persons of the joint-stock company AIG. These conditions include the named risks, i.e., only those events provided for in the rules of insurance are insurable.

Regardless of the event that occurred, it is necessary:

1.  to notify AIG about the event that took place no more than 24 hours after the moment it happened. For this it is necessary to fill out the Form Notice about the cause of damage to the property and send it to AIG's claims division. It is mandatory to indicate your telephone number and e-mail address and send it by electronic mail to or by express mail to one of the following address:  

Building 2, 72 Leningradsky Prospect, 3rd Floor, Alcon Business Centre, Moscow, 125315, Russia  
Telephones: +8 (800) 700 8950, +7 (495) 935 8950  
Fax: +7 (495) 937 5413

The best option is to provide information in advance by telephone (during working hours) followed by sending a written notice at the first opportunity.

2.  wait for further directions from AIG's claims division

Until the moment of inspection by a representative from AIG, we recommend, if possible, the following:

  •   don’t change the description of the incident and also don’t move   damaged property or any of its elements
  •   remember, that in any case, you can turn to AIG for a      consultation


Your actions to be taken upon occurrence of an event having every indication of an insured event 




Liquid spills 

Acts of God 

Unlawful acts of third parties 

Falling aircraft or their parts 

Vehicle collisions 

Falling objects 

Mechanical malfunction 

Glass breakage 

Terrorist acts 

Freezing of liquid in engineering equipment systems 


Penetration of masses of snow, ice or precipitation 

Damage to electrical or electronic devices 

Damage to laptops, photography and video equipment