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Insured Events in

If during the Insured Trip the Insured Person has an accident or falls ill, unexpectedly and unforeseeably, or is involved in any other event covered by the Policy, the Insured Person shall immediately contact the Class Assist, 24-hour asisstance and claims service,  providing benefits to the Insured Person during his/her trips (hereinafter referred to as Class Assist). The Insured Person shall contact Class Assist before requesting medical assistance and shall follow the further instructions.  

The Insurer reserves the right to deny the indemnity payment, if the Insured Person failed to contact Class Assist prior to seeing the doctor and/or failed to follow the instructions of the operator.  

Class Assist, 24-hour asisstance and claims service  

+7 (495) 937 6488  
8 800 700 0898 (toll-free in Russia)  

The operator will require the following information:

  • full name of the Insured 
  • telephone number for contact, the Insured’s location 
  • number of the Policy, effective term of insurance (indicated in the Class Assist card) 
  • description of the detailed of the incident

Submit the following documents

If you covered expenses/part of the expenses by yourself, please, submit the following documents required for making decision on insurance indemnity:

  • request (the request form is enclosed), including your banking details and your personal account number (the account must be denominated in rubles) 
  • Copy of the passport (the first page and the page with page of residence), copy of the international passport (pages with entry/exit stamps valid for this trip) 
  • copy of the ticket/electronic ticket/boarding pass 
  • copy of the insurance certificate 
  • documents proving the occurrence of the insured event 

If you covered your medical expenses:

  • the physician’s statement specifying the diagnosis and the given treatment
  • invoices/bills for the treatment and the receipt proving the payment
  • prescriptions and receipts evidencing payment for the prescribed medications
  • bills for telephone calls to the Class Assist, 24-hour asisstance and claims service

If you have the baggage delay coverage:

  • the document issued by the airline and proving the baggage delay, and the document
  • indicating the date of baggage return (tag, receipt, etc.)
  • list of the items/toiletry you had to buy due to the baggage delay
  • receipts proving their purchase

If you have loss of baggage coverage:

  • copy of the declaration submitted to the air carrier
  • reply of the air carrier to your declaration
  • document proving that the compensation from the air carrier was received

If you have flight delay coverage:

  • document issued by the airline to confirm the flight delay
  • list of the hygiene items/food, beverages purchased due to the flight delay
  • receipts proving their purchase

If you have trip cancellation coverage: 

  • hospital discharge summary having the hospital seal affixed and signed by the authorized medical officer 
  • documents proving the payment made for the trip (the contract with the travel agency, hotel reservation, payment for the airline tickets) 
  • documents proving the fact of the unavailability of compensation for the incurred expenses/part of the expenses (rejection of the travel agency, airline and/or hotel)

All the documents for compensation of the incurred expenses shall be submitted in their original counterparts.  
The insurer shall have the right to request other documents to the extent they may be required for taking decision on indemnity insurance payment.  

The documents must be sent:

  • by email to
  • by fax (495) 937 5413
  • or by registered mail with delivery notification: Building 2, 72 Leningradsky Prospect, 3rd Floor, Alcon Business Centre, Moscow, 125315, Russia, AIG, JSC

In the event that any other documents are required, our employee of the Claims Settlement Department will contact you.  

For further information, please, contact us at:  

8 (800) 700 8950, (495) 935 8950  
or by email: