AIG [Antistress] policies allow the director to get coverage against unintentional errors and omissions, and compensate for the costs associated with defending claims for financial damages filed by third parties and/or the company.

How much directors and officers liability insurance is necessary for your company – checklist for the director

  • Is the scope of the powers of the director defined by the limitation of liability agreement?
  • Does the company have a system of internal procedures that presupposes the organisation of control over management processes?
  • Are you following legal updates?
  • Are you bringing in competent consultants to close significant transactions for the executive, consultants who gather as much information as possible about the proposed transaction?
  • Are you creating a culture of safety in your company to prevent cyber risks?

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Products

AIG (Antistress) Light

Directors and officers liability insurance for companies with gross annual revenue up to RUB 1 billion and a liability limit of up to RUB 1 million

AIG (Antistress)

Directors and officers liability insurance for companies with gross annual revenue up to RUB 1 billion and a liability limit of up to RUB 100 million

Who Can Be Insured In the Company?

  • Board of Directors
  • Collegial Executive Body – Management Board
  • Official
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Sole Executive Body – President/CEO
  • Successors

What Risks Are Covered?

The policy operates on the principle of all risks insurance, i.e. all events not excluded by the policy are insured. The policy covers all claims related to all wrongful actions committed by a director while holding the corresponding position.

Covered costs

  • Defence (payment for lawyers and experts fees)
  • Compensation for the amount of damage caused by the director's wrongful action
  • Court costs
  • Governmental authorities’ investigation
  • Reputation recovery

Examples of claims

  • Low quality of decisions made, imprudence
  • Poor management and control of the company
  • Indiscreet investment
  • Misuse of information or copyright
  • Making decisions without due diligence
  • Errors, inaccuracies or incomplete disclosures in financial statements, investment declarations and prospectuses
  • Violation of tender procedures
  • Unjustified spending of company funds
  • Wrongful M&A policy
  • As well as claims under other wrongful actions by directors

How the policy works

In the event of a claim being filed against a director for wrongful actions committed in the course of exercising official powers, the policy provides payment for the costs of defending against such a claim, as well as compensation for damage caused by wrongful actions. Under the policy, the amount of direct and indirect damage caused by the illegal actions of the director is covered, both under a court decision and amicable agreement.


How to Get a Policy

To issue a policy, we need to receive the following information from you:

  • Company name, TIN, OGRN
  • Field of business activity
  • Turnover of the company for the last financial year
  • Answers to 6 questions of the questionnaire
  • Choose the Insurer's liability limit and pay for the policy

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