The main purpose of the BBB policy is to provide blanket protection to a financial institution against losses resulting from its employees’ dishonest or fraudulent acts (performed individually or in collusion with other persons) and from third parties’ acts committed with the intent to obtain a financial gain or cause damage. 

Objects of Insurance

The object of insurance are property interests that do not contravene the laws of the Russian Federation and are exposed to risks involving loss of profit (incidental expenses), which a financial institution may encounter due to dishonesty of its employees, forgery and other fraudulent alterations in documents further used in unlawful actions, or may be exposed to the risk of loss or damage of/to the property of the institution or third parties during their banking operations. 


  • Losses caused through dishonesty of the employees of the insured financial institution 
  • Loss or damage of/to property in the premises of the insured financial institution 
  • Loss in transit, including theft or physical destruction of property during transportation 
  • Losses caused by forged checks 
  • Losses caused by forgery of securities and similar instruments 
  • Damage sustained by the insured financial institution in its ordinary course of business related to transactions (operations) with securities and similar instruments 
  • Losses arising out of counterfeit currency 
  • Damage caused to property in the premises of the insured financial institution as a result of unlawful acts performed by third parties 

Among its clients AIG has some of the largest Russian banks and other financial institutions. AIG has gained extensive experience in bankers blanket bond insurance, successfully servicing banks and other financial institutions throughout Russia. 

Main advantages of cooperation with AIG, JSC

  • Our insurance policies incorporate clauses developed by the London Institute of Insurers (NMA2626, KFA81 Forms) as well as additional clauses addressing the needs and interests of each client 
  • High standards in methods of claims settlement, including elements of quality control over the settlement process at different levels of corporate management 
  • Availability of insurance with AIG companies in other countries of the world, including an option of development of a global insurance program providing for issuance of locally tailored policies to comply with the applicable laws and regulations or to meet requirements of the insured 

Policy Wording

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