About General Liability Insurance

Suppose an accident occurs through the fault of your company that causes damage to the life, health or property of a third party. You will likely have to pay compensation or substantial legal fees. 

You may also be held liable for environmental damage. Article 1064 of the Civil Code states that those who cause damage to an individual or property belonging to a citizen or legal entity must pay full compensation to the victims.

Why do you need general liability insurance

Product description (benefits, objects of insurance, risks, additional coverage)

A general liability insurance policy protects the property interests of the insured related to obligations that arise as a result of injury to the life, health, or property of a third party that occurs while directly engaging in the activity covered by the policy. 

  • Companies you do business with may insist that all contracts have an insurance clause 
  • Contracts between landlords and tenants often include clauses on liability 
  • Insurance claim events in foreign countries often involve litigation under different legal regimes with unclear legal consequences, and payouts can be much higher than in Russia 
  • Protecting your company’s financial performance for the year: budgeted cost of insurance or the probability of sudden and huge uninsured losses 
  • Accidents and losses occur even in companies with effective corporate governance 

Product description (benefits, objects of insurance, risks, additional coverage) 


Our advantages

  • We work in all sectors, including energy, construction, oil and gas, the food industry, chemical production, real estate, etc. 
  • We have sufficient resources to provide a large volume of financial capacity (limits of liability up to US$100,000,000 or the equivalent in Russian rubles at the Central Bank’s rate on the day when the contract is signed) in Russia without the need for facultative reinsurance from other reinsurers 
  • AIG operates in 160 countries and jurisdictions and provides fast settlement services in all of them, whether you’re a transnational corporation or a small or medium-sized business operating in a single country 
  • Financial stability
  • International experience 
  • Flexible and individual approach 
  • We can issue a single insurance policy covering general liability, product liability, contractor’s liability, service provider’s liability and employer’s liability 
  • We issue policies in both Russian and English, allowing you to quickly negotiate the wording of insurance contracts with companies that require them 

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