Consulation on reinsurance?



AIG Russia is one of the leading players in the Russian reinsurance market, occupying a top position in terms of the inward reinsurance volume. The Company provides the largest placement capacities for risks from Russia and the CIS countries.

The maximum amount of liability that AIG Russia can accept for reinsurance under a single risk is $1.25 billion.

At the same time, depending on the line of business, the maximum capacity may differ. For instance,

  • · up to $1.25 billion under property risks
  • · up to $350 under construction and erection risks
  • · up to $100 million under liability insurance risks
  • · up to $15 million under financial risks insurance
  • · up to $100 million under cargo insurance

AIG Russia accepts inward reinsurance only on a facultative basis. Thanks to many years of experience and high qualifications of our underwriters, we professionally approach each request. The level of the local authority of our team allows us to provide a quote in the shortest possible time and make a decision on most requests without contacting western markets. We guarantee our partners quality, reliability and efficiency.

Please follow the link for more information on reinsurance capacities, underwriting approaches and basic reinsurance terms and conditions applied by AIG.


The entire insurance and reinsurance portfolio of AIG Russia is reliably protected by treaty reinsurance placed with the companies of the AIG Group with S&P A+ rating.

Reinsurance treaties provide for placement on a quota share basis with AIG Russia retaining 25% of liability across all lines of business, and also offer additional protection for the company's financial stability through a stop-loss reinsurance treaty.

The placement of risks within the Group allows AIG Russia to operate with large capacities, participate both in rather narrow, specialised risks, and to write larger lines in the classical areas of property and liability insurance.


Due to close cooperation with the companies of the Group, AIG is able to provide its partners in Russia and neighbouring countries with reinsurance coverage with the international financial strength rating S&P A +. This allows us to comply with both the requirements of the legislation of a number of countries and to withstand the tender conditions put forward by clients.

All communications on risk underwriting, as well as on the subsequent settlement of losses, takes place directly with the AIG Russia team.

Our international presence allows us to issue and service insurance policies in any jurisdiction, ensuring full compliance with local requirements.

We have a professional team of industry-specific risk engineers with knowledge and expertise in risk management and control. This allows us to apply strategies tailored to a specific project to prevent losses and reduce the severity of their consequences, providing detailed recommendations to our clients.

AIG Russia is a provider of non-standard and highly specialised insurance coverage such as cyber risk, product recall, CPI, MPT and environmental liability insurance.

Contacts for communication on reinsurance business:

Alexey Shouplyakov, Head of Client Engagement

Phone: +7 495 935 8950 ext. 701-1031